Who hasn’t bought a ready-to-eat salad for themselves or for their families? That salad you bought and ate is a $4 Billion niche in the trillion dollar retail produce market which growing by 8% yearly. Package salads in 3 lb. bags are sold to restaurants, catering facilities, and the military.
The Company creates a spectacular return on investment with a patent pending system for creating high quality salads by growing the salads inside warehouses using LED lights. We are part of the Local Indoor Vertical Farming industry that has received $300 million in investment this year from folks like Softbank, Amazon, Google Ventures, and the Musk family.

The Problems Faced by the Retailer and the Consumer

The situation:

    1. Vegetables travel (on average) 1,500 miles from where they are harvested to where they are eaten. They move from California to New York, Florida to Seattle, Mexico to Chicago.
    2. The farming techniques used.

The effect:

    1. Shelf life is 14 days from harvest – so up to 50% of the retailers product need to be thrown out, consumers are unhappy that they buy a Salad on Monday and by Wednesday it useless
    2. Salads contain pathogens – This means people get food poisoning. Chipotle shut down for months, DOLE Salads killed 3 people last year.
    3. Taste and Nutrition is terrible – Fresh is king – every day from harvest deteriorates taste. Nutrients are lost on a daily basis
    4. Salads Are Suspect- Food is grown with Pesticides, Farming methods are destroying bees, birds and water systems

The Solution

We grow, harvest, and package Organic “Grab and Go” Salads locally in a 15,000 sq. ft. pre-fab building located in a 14’ high warehouse.

  • Vegetables are grown in our specially designed Grow Units.
  • Each grow unit contains electronics that manage the grow cycle.
  • 24 Grow Units are located in a Grow Room.
  • Each of our warehouses has 5 environmentally controlled grow rooms.
  • The grow rooms surround a packaging area with our custom cleaning and packaging process.
  • The entire facility is SQF Level 3, the same food safety standard that makes Cheerios safe to eat.

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